Saturday, March 28, 2009

I wish the color was better on this 1958 Impala poster and most of the other boards in this series. But they are taken from old slides and are better than not seeing them at all. Outdoor ads are kind of like old newspaper ads in terms of longevity. The newspaper ads are used to wrap the trash and the outdoor ads are papered over when their time is up never to be seen again. Still outdoor ads for Chevy were very important in getting their new products before the public. A posting for Chevy would cover just about every major stretch of highway and important intersection in America. The copy makes a good competitive leadership statement while calling attention to the great looking new Impala convertible. Photography wasn't used for outdoor back then and the product illustrations are so strong one might wonder if illustration could help some car lines even today. If the reason for showing a car on an outdoor board is to show how it looks illustrations are perhaps better than photography.

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