Saturday, March 28, 2009

This was the first year for the 1958 Impala. It was a real departure from the very lovable 1957 Bel Air and it was larger and more luxurious too. The artist for this illustration has given the car considerable extra length. You can see it in the area behind the rear wheels. But you must remember this was a time of lower, longer, and wider for cars of all kinds. And you cant blame the artist alone for the extra length on the car because a Campbell-Ewald Art Director had to approve the pencil drawing on the car before it was finally rendered. There were guys in art studios that could do the pencil drawings from photographs by cutting them apart and then spreading them out to get the required look to be penciled on to illustration board and then rendered by an illustrator. Their talent for doing this went largely unrecognized but was essential as the top notch illustrators seldom did their own pencil drawings.

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