Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This was an ad that Chevrolet ran to sell the Corvette announcement outdoor ad for the remarkable price of $11.50. SEE WHAT'S NEW TODAY IN A CHEVROLET was the overall theme for Chevy ads in 1978. The promotion was so successful that we had to go back on press to fill all the orders. If you have one of these today you have a fine piece of Corvette history that may be worth quite a bit. I have two posters and a 1978 Corvette just like the one in the poster. The car isn't that great of a performer as Corvettes go but I always thought it was the best looking example of that series. Mine has just under 40,000 miles on it and still turns heads when I take it out for a spin. 

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John said...

I'm one of those that still have one of these posters. Cost $25 dollars and are worth about $25 today...I had an Ontario Orange '72 t-top for 15 years sold it to a friend who still has it today. I also enjoyed reading about your Corvair ads. I've had an Evening Orchid ('65 of course)Monza convertible for over 30 years and hsve offered it for sale for $1 million. My first car was a '62 Monza coupe and I still enjoy the Corvair as much today as I did the first one. Thanks fotr posting those great and rare ads!