Saturday, July 12, 2008

This and the three posters below were part of a program to help keep dealers and their customers interested in Corvette. Not every dealer had a Corvette in the showroom or on his lot so if he put the posters in a good place they were a reminder of what was becoming America's Sports Car. The picture was shot on the GM proving grounds near Detroit by a GM Photo photographer named Don Sudnick. The driver in the car was a young account guy named Lance Minor. We sometimes made do with our own people when budgets were small for something like this. Later on Don Sudnick quit GM Photo and went into business for himself with a partner named Wally Overhardt. They were very successful. The color for this comes from an old faded slide and the original is much better. If you have any of these posters you have a valuable piece of Corvette history.

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palgeorge said...

Hi Jim- I just discovered your blog via the Lincoln Continental online Forum, I know your thinking that's an odd place with you being a Chevy man, but a member provided the link because I was inquiring about the advertising and marketing of the Lincoln Continental in the 1950-60's and your work though primarily with GM and Chevy also overlapped within the same agency's who I'd guess handled multiple actt's for the Big 3, which is why I am writing to you, to ask if you might enlighten me about who was responsible for the Lincoln campaigns the people and the agency's in the 50-60's. This is one aspect of the marque that doesn't seem to be well known or appreciated within the car club and as an Art Director/graphic designer I am particularly keen to learn about the history. Thanks so much for your time. Best regards -George